Rail Maintenance & Engineering
TEC’s Railway Maintenance & Construction Machines (RMCM)

TEC is dedicated to provide customized products for our customers. Through 60 years experiencing in R&D and manufacturing railway engineering machinery vehicles, TEC has developed a comprehensive range of RMCM products. Our RMCM products have 8 categories, from basic shunting operations to internal track flaw detection, even Overhead Catenary System (OCS) inspection. Our versatile products cover all aspects of railway related operations.

● Customization

Based on our advanced technology of traction control system and network control system, TEC is capable of fulfilling complicated transmission requirements. From basic mechanical transmission system to advanced hybrid transmission system, TEC has always provided our customers with the best and most suitable transmission solutions.

● Short Lead Time

One of TEC’s advantages is short lead time. The lead time for all new designed TEC RMCM products is only around 14 months. In 2014, TEC delivered 230 railway engineering vehicles worldwide. Our advanced technology, abundant experience and economy of scale always ensure our customers receive our quality products in a short time period.

● Flexible Financial Support

TEC has always pay close attention to developing long-term friendship rather than short-term profit, and that’s why we provide our customers with flexible financial support for our RMCM products. All we want is to let our customers to have the best user experience without financial hassles.

● Customer Oriented

In TEC, we look after our customers not only by providing them with reliable machines, but also provide them with professional and friendly after-sales services. Our subsidiary companies are world-wide; we are capable of providing onsite commercial and technical support to our customers. In some countries, such as China and Australia, we are capable of providing 24/7 after-sales services.

● 60 Years Experience

Through 60 years experience, TEC not only developed advanced technology and reliable products, but also established many long-term strategic partnerships with some of the world’s leading rail equipment providers. Through years’ experience, we have seen so many customer requirements that rely on specific equipment. We have dedicated in strengthening our relationship with our partners to develop customer oriented products. 

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