LRG Rail Grinding Machine

LRG Rail Grinding Machine is composed of two hydraulic driven grinding cars with 8 grinding heads respectively, and composes a grinding car group with 16 grinding heads through connection by rigid drawbar. Both of the two cars have self-equipped power system and are arranged symmetrically in structure. The power source is from internal combustion diesel engine, and high-power generator unit is provided for supplying power to the grinding device, and traveling is realized by hydrostatic driving. It is applicable to rail grinding of standard gauge metro line, and able to grind the rail head surface by means of high-speed rotating grinding wheels driven by motor during operation at low constant speed, recover the contour shape of rail cross section, improve the longitudinal smoothness of rail, eliminate the defects such as rail surface corrosion, fatigue cracks, corrugation, wear, deformation, speckles and fins, and prolong the service life of rail.


Main Technical Parameters of the Car

Engine power: 496kW x 2 Wheel diameter: φ840mm

Minimum negotiable curve radius: 100m

Axle arrangement: B-2 (single car)

Maximum self-propelled traveling speed: 80km/h

Kerb weight: about 104t

Number of grinding heads: 16

Drive mode: closed loop hydraulic drive

Wheelbase: 2000mm

Length between bogie centers: 8800mm

Braking method: JZ-7 control brake and parking brake

Grinding speed range: (3〜15) km/h

Range of grinding head deflection angle: 70° inside 〜15° outside Clearance: meeting the metro gauge requirement The latest products parameters prevail.

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