GC-270 Track Motor Vehicle

GC-270 track motor vehicle is mainly used for transport, traction and shunting operations of the materials, tools and personnel during railway line maintenance. GC-270 track motor vehicle is a four-axle railcar using mechanical drive; both front and rear end of the cab are equipped with a standardized console to facilitate two-way driving. The mnning system adopts two-axle bogie with secondary suspension, with tie-rod for journal box positioning. Its installed power is 268 kW, and the entire car has good dynamic performance and traction performance. The drive system is well arranged, safe and reliable; the air brake system uses JZ-7 air brake which has good adaptability and is easy to be operated.


Main Technical Parameters of the Car

Track gauge: 1435 mm

Wheel diameter: φ840mm

Axle arrangement: 1A-A1

Engine power: 268 kW

Minimum negotiable curve radius: 100m

Kerb weight: 36t

Maximum traveling speed: 110km/h

Drive mode: mechanical drive

Brake mode: air brake and parking brake

Overall dimensions (length x width x height): 14060mm x 3272mm x 4720mm

Clearance: in line with GB 146.1 Locomotive &Rolling Stock Gauge for Standard Gauge Railways

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