GC-220 Track Motor Vehicle

GC-220 track motor vehicle is mainly used for transport, traction and shunting operations of the materials, tools and personnel during railway line maintenance. GC-220 track motor vehicle is a four-axle railcar using mechanical drive; both front and rear end of the cab are equipped with a standardized console to facilitate two-way driving. The running system adopts two-axle bogie with secondary suspension, with tie-rod for journal box positioning. Its installed power is 216 kW, and the entire car has good dynamic and traction performance. The drive system is well arranged, safe and reliable; the air brake system uses JZ-7 air brake which has good adaptability and is easy to be operated.


Main Technical Parameters of the Car

Track gauge: 1435 mm

Wheel diameter: φ840mm

Axle arrangement: 1A-A1

Engine power: 216 kW

Minimum negotiable curve radius: 100m

Kerb weight: 34t

Maximum traveling speed: 110km/h

Drive mode: mechanical drive

Brake mode: air brake and parking brake

Overall dimensions (length x width x height): 14060mm x 3272mm x 4720mm

Clearance: in line with GB146.1 Locomotive &Rolling Stock Gauge for Standard Gauge Railways

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