TSV-02 Track Tunnel Cleaning Machine

TSV-02 is a non-powered vehicle which is applicable to cleaning of metro tunnel with standard track gauge. High and low pressure water is used to clean the metro line track, ballast bed and tunnel wall, so as to keep the line clean and maintain a safe running environment, and reduce the labor intensity effectively. The car is mainly composed of a rail flat car, power system, high pressure water flushing system (including automatic and manual), control cabin, electric control system and lighting system.


Main Technical Parameters of the Car

Bogie wheelbase: 1800mm

Length between bogie centers: 12650mm

Wheel diameter: 0840mm

Minimum negotiable curve radius: 110m

Water Tank volume: 25m3

Pressure of low pressure water pump: 80bar

Maximum traveling speed: 100km/h

Braking method: air brake and parking hand brake

Kerb weight: about 52

Pressure in high pressure water pump: 150bar

Pressure in movable water gun: 220bar

Clearance: meeting the metro gauge requirements

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