QGC-25 Track Crane

The crane is mainly used for lifting on the railway lines for construction, maintenance and repair and also ordinary lifting of other equipment. This is a four-axle track crane using mechanical drive. It has the maximum traveling speed of 100km/h and is able for 0 ?10km/h low-speed hydrostatic traveling. The crane is a whole slewing, telescopic, boom- type hydraulic crane. The outriggers adopt "H" type structure. It is provided with two-way hydraulic lock movable outriggers controlled by the outrigger control valve and can realize synchronous or separate action of the outriggers.


Main Technical Parameters of the Car

Track gauge: 1435 mm

Wheel diameter: φ840 mm

Axle arrangement: 1A-A1

Engine power: 247kW

Minimum negotiable curve radius: 100m

Kerb weight: 60t

Maximum traveling speed: 100 km/h

Drive mode: mechanical drive Brake mode: air brake and hand brake

Overall dimensions (length x width x height): 14870mm x 3275mm x 4600mm

Clearance: in line with relevant requirements of the GB 146.1 Locomotive &Rolling Stock Gauge for Standard Gauge Railways.

Hydraulic crane

Lifting torque: 125t.m (fixed operation with outrigger)30t.m (mobile operation without outrigger)

Maximum lifting capacity: 25t (fixed operation with outrigger)10t (mobile operation without outrigger)

Maximum lifting height: 20.5m Boom length: 9.98m〜21m Boom elevation angle: -3° 〜+80°

Boom control room (length x width x height):1550mm x 830mm x 1475mm

Outrigger span (horizontal x vertical): 5.5m x 6.7m

Turntable tail slewing radius: 1960mm

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