DPT Motor Tower Car with Three-Part Elevating Platform

The car is mainly used for installation, maintenance and routine inspection and maintenance of CATENARY facilities of the electrified railways. The car is a four-axle working car using hydrodynamic drive; Its rated engine power is 353kW and the maximum traveling speed is120km/h. The vehicle is equipped with a three-platform operation unit, including a main platform and two auxiliary platforms. The main platform is for lifting only. In addition to for lifting, the two auxiliary platforms can be extended to both sides, but operation can only be carried out on each respective platform.


Main Technical Parameters of the Car

Track gauge: 1435 mm

Wheel diameter: φ840 mm

Axle arrangement: B-2

Engine power: 353kW

Minimum negotiable curve radius: 145m

Kerb weight: about 49t

Maximum traveling speed: 120 km/h

Drive mode: hydrodynamic drive

Brake mode: air brake and hand brake

Overall dimensions: 15930mm x 3270mm x 4690 mm

Clearance: in line with relevant requirements of theGB 146.1 Rolling Stock Gauge for Standard Gauge Railways

Main platform

Maximum height from platform bottom to rail top: 4780mm 

Rated load: 500kg

Platform dimension(length x width): 2000mm x 1380mm

Auxiliary platform

Maximum horizontal extension: 4000mm from track center on both left and right

Maximum height from platform bottom to rail top: 7600mm 

Rated load: 250kg

Platform dimensions: 2000mm x 930mm (length x width)

Raising and positioning unit

Maximum positioning force: 3500N 

Maximum lifting height: 8200mm 

Horizontal movement distance: ≥600mm

Leveling unit

Through leveling unit, the working car can achieve automatic leveling (also manual leveling) at curve during constmctbn, thus to ensure that three platforms are all in the horizontal state and meet operation safety of the working car on the lines with outer track superelevation of 180mm and bebw.

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