JX300 Smart Non-Contact Measuring Machine of Catenary

The vehicle is a four-axle detection car using hydrodynamic drive. Its installed power is 353kW and the maximum traveling speed is120km/h. The detection car is equipped with the real-time intelligent detection and analysis system for CATENARY of electrified railways, which is mainly used to form high-definition images of suspension unit, support unit and positioning unit of the CATENARY, automatically analyze the captured images through intelligent image discrimination algorithm and generate suspension state fault list of the CATENARY after artificial confirmation, thus to guide the CATENARY maintenance personnel to timely repair the faults during CATENARY operation. Through real-time image detection and analysis, it can further reduce the labor intensity required for manual viewing and analysis, thus to improve the maintenance efficiency of the CATENARY. The vehicle can also be used for materials, tools and personnel transport during railway line maintenance.


Main Technical Parameters of the Car

Track gauge: 1435 mm

Wheel diameter: φ840 mm

Axle arrangement: 2-B

Engine power: 353kW

Minimum negotiable curve radius: 145m

Kerb weight: 56t

Maximum traveling speed: 120km/h Drive mode: hydrodynamic drive Brake mode: air brake and hand brake

Overall dimensions (length x width x height): 21940mm x 3150mm x 4680mm Clearance: in line with GB 146.1 Locomotive & Rolling Stock Gauge for Standard 


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