JX300II Smart Non-Contact Measuring Machine of Catenary with Dual-Power

The machine is mainly used for 4C detection of the CATENARY suspension state in all railway lines. Its installed power is 2 x 353kW and uses hydrodynamic drive, with the maximum traveling speed of 120km/h. The vehicle is equipped with CATENARY suspension state detection and monitoring unit that can perform imaging detection of the CATENARY parts and measure the static geometric parameters of the system. Through identification and analysis of the detected data, the CATENARY state can be fully understood, thus to guide maintenance of the CATENARY and improve the maintenance efficiency. The vehicle has reasonable layout and is provided front and rear driver's cabs, detecting room, bathroom and rest room. It can also be used for materials, tools and personnel transport during railway line maintenance.


Main Technical Parameters of the Car

Track gauge: 1435 mm

Wheel diameter: 840 mm

Axle arrangement: B-B

Engine power: 2 x 353kW

Minimum negotiable curve radius: 145 m

Kerb weight: 58t

Maximum traveling speed: is 120 km/h

Drive mode: hydrodynamic drive

Brake mode: air brake and hand brake

Overall dimensions: 21940mm x 3150mm x 4680mm

Clearance: in line with GB146.1 Locomotive & Rolling Stock Gauge for Standard Gauge Railways

Range and precision of static geometric parameters

Contact wire height: 5000〜7000mm、1mm、±10 mm

Stagger: ±625mm、1mm、±10 mm

Vertical distance between catenaries: 0-500 mm、1mm、20 mm

Horizontal distance between catenaries: 0〜800 mm、1mm、20 mm

Positioner slope: 0〜20°、0.1°、±0.5°

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