DGTC-80 Rail Flaw Measuring Machine

DGTC-80 is applicable to internal rail flaw detection for standard gauge metro line. The Cummins QSG12 engine and Voith T211re.4 torque converter power unit are used, and the maximum detection speed is up to 80km/h. For the vehicle, SYS-1900 rail flaw inspection system is used. Ultrasonic flaw inspection system uses water as the coupling medium, and is designed with B-type flaw detection color graphic display, automatic signal processing and flaw analysis & discrimination functions.


Main Technical Parameters of the Car

Rated power of engine: 343kW

Drive mode: hydrodynamic drive

Bogie wheelbase: 2300mm

Length between bogie centers: 10500mm

Wheel diameter: 0840mm

Minimum operating curve radius: 110m (crawling)

Brake mode: JZ-7 type air brake and parking brake

Method of detection: wheel type ultrasonic detection

Maximum detection speed: 80km/h

Maximum traveling speed: 120km/h

Kerb weight: about 50t

Clearance: meeting the metro vehicle gauge

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