PGM-48 Rail Grinding Train

The machine is used to correct the rail corrugation and wheel-rail bum, correct the track side tilting deformation and repair the defect on wheel-rail contact surface and other rail defects caused due to vehicle running on rail. It can also be used for preventive maintenance of rails. The grinding machine is composed of No. 1 car (control), No. 2 car (living) and No. 3 car (end). Each car has 8 grinding heads, and the whole vehicle has 48 grinding heads in total. The minimum working curve radius of the grinding car is 180m. When the working speed is 7km/h, the metal removed every time is 0.2mm. The machine is equipped with 6 dust collection units, and each unit composes an independent dust colledbn system, with total power of 90kW. The dust collection system is designed with three cleaning modes, i.e. differential pressure cleaning, start-up cleaning and shutdown cleaning.


Main Technical Parameters of the Car

Track gauge: 1435mm

Maximum traveling speed: 80km/h

Distance between backs of wheel flanges : 1353 ± 2mm

Minimum negotiable curve radius: 100m

The vehicle is capable of two-way running, and the continuous grinding speed is 2km/h-16km/h.

When the speed is less than 2km/h 

Minimum working curve radius: 180m 

Deflection angle of grinding head: +50° 〜-45° 

Continuous power of motor: 22kW 

Maximum superelevation: 150mm

Minimum curve radius 100m

Maximum axle load under the kerb weight: not more than 23t

This rail grinding machine is applicable to 50,60 and 75kg/m rails

The vehicle is able to run continuously for at least 6 hours on ordinary lines, and run continuously at least 2 hours in tunnels.

The metal removed every time is 0.2mm when working s peed is 7km/h.

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