Propulsion System

We have more than 50 years of experience in design production and service of AC electric drive systems for locomotives. TEC engages in R&D and manufacturing propulsion systems for both electric and diesel Locomotives. Its products portfolio is developed from thyristor based rectifiers to the latest IGBT based AC traction system in the past decades.Today, TEC provides integration and one-stop service for the entire electric system, including driving system, network control system and auxiliary power supply. More than 1500 sets of TEC propulsion system have been installed in AC locomotives.



(1)  9600kW Electric Locomotive Propulsion System

Propulsion system parameters:

Integrated traction and auxiliary converters.

Water cooled

TEC3000 Converter Control Platform

DTECS Modularized DCS

Locomotive parameters

Power Rating: 9600 kW

Axle Arrangement: 2 (Bo-Bo)

Maximum speed: 120 km/h


(2) 7200kW Electric Locomotive Propulsion System

Propulsion system parameters:

IGBT Based 4QC Rectifier and PWM Inverter

Water Cooled

Independent Auxiliary Converter

TEC3000 Converter Control Platfrom

Locomotive parameters

Power Rating: 7200 kW

Formation: Co-Co

Maximum speed: 120 km/h, 160 km/h



(3) South Africa Dual Voltage Electric Locomotive

Propulsion system parameters:

Integrated traction and auxiliary converters

Axle controlled

Water cooled

DTECS Modularized

Locomotive parameters

Power Rating: 3000 kW / 4500 kW

Dual Model: AC 25kV & DC 3kV

Axle Arrangement: Bo-Bo/Co-Co

Maximum speed: 100 km/h

(4) Hybrid Locomotive

Propulsion system parameters:

IGBT-based high power converting technology

DTECS modularised

Remote monitoring and diagnosis system

Locomotive parameters

Power Rating: 2500 kW

Axle Arrangement: Co-Co

Maximum speed: 100 km/h





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