Hand in Hand for Win-Win Collaboration | A Comprehensive Cooperation Framework Agreement on "Wind-Solar-Hydrogen-Storage" with China General Certification Center



Hand in Hand for Win-Win Collaboration

On November 28th, Zhuzhou CRRC Times Electric Co., Ltd. signed a comprehensive cooperation framework agreement on "Wind-Solar-Hydrogen-Storage" with China General Certification Center. Both parties will carry out comprehensive and in-depth cooperation in equipment research and development in the field of new energy, testing and certification, standard development, major scientific research projects initiation, technical services, carbon emission and other areas. The signing ceremony has been held in both online and on-site forms.

At the ceremony, Mr. Mei Wenqing, Vice General Manager and Chief Engineer of CRRC Times Electric, pointed out that CRRC Times Electric has more than 3,000 highly qualified R&D personnel, of which more than 1,500 are dedicated to the field of power electronic variable current control. For more than a decade, with our three root technologies, "device, algorithm and material", we have been stick to the "concentric diversification" industrial development concept. And our variable current equipment products have covered rail transportation, new energy, industrial transmission and other 10 industries. At present, the new energy industry is the key strategic industry identified by CRRC Times Electric after a full strategic assessment. China General Certification Center has been deepening in the new energy industry and gained and a strong industry influence. It is expected that in the future, both parties will make use of their advantages to carry out long-term and close cooperation in product testing and certification, and have highly comprehensive cooperation in new energy testing capacity building, technical standards, national major projects planning, green supply chain, etc., to contribute to the technological progress and high-quality development of the industry.

Wang Wei, Executive Deputy Director of China General Certification Center, said that China General Certification Center has more than ten years of cooperation with CRRC Times Electric, with in-depth cooperation in wind power converters, photovoltaic power generation equipment, energy storage batteries and converters. With the continuous enrichment of the business of both parties, in-depth basic technology research and equipment certification will be possible in the future, contributing to the technical development and product quality improvement in the field of wind & solar energy storage in China. Through years of cooperation, China General Certification Center has witnessed the continuous progress and enrichment of CRRC Times Electric's products and technologies. It is expected that both parties will continuously improve the safety and power generation performance of the equipment through collaborative efforts, while focusing on the technological progress and quality leadership of the equipment, to promote the healthy and sustainable development of the industry.

By signing the Framework Agreement, the breadth and depth of cooperation between both parties will be further strengthened. In addition to the certification of traditional variable current equipment, both parties will expand their cooperation to the fields of new technology evaluation and certification in wind electricity, photovoltaic, energy storage, hydrogen generation, engineering and post-service quality evaluation, new technology evaluation, green low-carbon and many other fields, involving R&D, products, quality, standards, test capability recognition and other aspects, to achieve sustainable development of cooperative R&D, centered quality, precise delivery and cooperative service. 

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