Efficient drives for the future | The 200,000th electric drive system product of the year was officially launched by CRRC Times Electric!


November 22

CRRC Times Electric

The 200,000th electric drive system will be officially launched in 2022 in Zhuzhou Railway Valley Industrial Park

It also marks the first time that the Company has reached an annual production level of 200,000 units

From an annual production of 10,000 units to an annual production of 200,000 units, CRRC Times took only 3 years

Smart drives for the future

On November 20, 2014, the Automotive Division of CRRC Times Electric was listed and established, officially starting the marketization process of CRRC's new energy passenger car electric drive industry and entering the new energy passenger car core parts market.

After 498 days, the first mass-produced product of CRRC Times Electric rolled off the production line on April 1, 2016. Since then, CRRC Times Electric has entered the fast lane of development and is "running faster, steadier and further".

#First 100,000 units

Start growing "faster" and "running"

From the first product to the 10,000th product off the production line, CRRC Times Electric took 1,250 days; from the 10,000th product to the 100,000th product off the production line, CRRC Times Electric took 845 days. The first 100,000 units of the CRRC Times Electric, which took almost 6 years;

#Second 100,000 units

From the 100,000th product to the 200,000th product off the production line, the second 100,000 units of CRRC Times Electric took 208 days;

#Third 100,000 units

From the 200,000th unit to the 300,000th unit off the production line, the third 100,000th unit of CRRC Times Electric took only 123 days.

Behind the impressive "acceleration of the CRRC Times Electric" is the tireless effort of the automobile people.

Innovation and Pioneering

Driving high quality development of the industry"

In 2014, China's new energy vehicle market has been riding high ever since, officially entering a period of rapid growth, at one point hitting several times the year-on-year record. Behind this phenomenon is the dramatic expansion of demand for related components from new energy vehicle companies.

Adhering to the "Concentric Diversification" strategy, CRRC Times Electric has been vigorously developing the new energy vehicle industry, extending the core technology of "safety, reliability and intelligence" in the rail transportation field to the new energy passenger car electric drive system, and continuously achieving innovative development. Adhering to the marketing concept of "customer-oriented, integrity-based", in order to meet the growth needs of customers and achieve common progress with them, the company has gradually built up a complete industrial chain of "components-parts-systems" with the electric drive system as the core. At the same time, the Company is carrying out the "2+N" production capacity layout, which will build two main bases with Zhuzhou and Wuxi as the core to achieve large-scale production, thereby radiating five major automotive industry clusters.

In order to serve core customers in close proximity, CRRC Times Electric also builds off-site supporting factories around core customers, thus enhancing service efficiency and reducing product costs.At the early stage, FAW CRRC Electric Drive System Co., Ltd. jointly established by the Company and FAW Group in Changchun, is a representative product of the "2+N" strategy.

After eight years and 2,924 days of exploration and growth, CRRC's position in the electric drive industry has gradually advanced, and its cumulative ranking in 2022 has stabilized in the top six in the industry, rising to fourth in a single month in July and ranking second among independent suppliers of electric drive systems.

In the future, the "automobile people" of CRRC Times Electric will carry out the core values of "righteousness and righteousness, good work and good success" of CRRC, uphold the enterprise spirit of "truthfulness, respect, innovation and success", run faster "acceleration" and show the courageous role of CRRC people.

Efficient drives for the future

CRRC Times Electric will keep pace with the market, continue to focus on customers, continue to accelerate technological innovation, improve the core competitiveness of new energy vehicle electric drive system products, and strive to become a global first-class passenger car electric drive components and system integrator

With the "core" to drive the sustainable development of human green transportation and energy, contribute to the global mobility ecology and the high-quality development of China's new energy vehicle industry with CRRC wisdom, and resound with the voice of China!

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