Extraordinary Decade | From "CRRC follow the trend" to "CRRC lead the trend"


In December 2012, Beijing-Guangzhou high-speed rail, the world's longest high-speed rail, was officially put into operation, with 150 global media coverage. Not only were the high-speed trains shooting by, but CRRC and Oriental Legend both topped the hit key words at that time.

In September 2022, CRRC presented with the theme of Intelligent Travel to the Future at the InnoTrans in Berlin, Germany. Just the day before, CRRC ZELC Corporate Social Responsibility & Cultural Exchange was inaugurated in Vienna. A live show of Song of CRRC kicked off the inauguration ceremony at the global musical capital, and the English version of the Poem of CRRC also impressed extinguished guests with the in-depth cultural background of CRRC.

A decade ago, CRRC impressed the world with Chinese Speed. And now, CRRC is known around the world for its excellent services for global customers and clients.

This is a practical interpretation of "connecting the world for the benefit of mankind", the mission of CRRC, and a wonderful transformation from "CRRC follow the trend" to "CRRC lead the trend".

A tall tree roots deep in the ground. The water embracing a mountain boasts a far-reaching source. General Secretary Xi Jinping said that culture is the soul of a country and a nation. Culture prosperity is the basis for nation prosperity. After 140 years of ups and downs, CRRC continues to bloom, supported by the underlying culture power in ever-renewing nature, enhancing its motivation of becoming the "mega power in China and engine of the industry" and the mission of "connecting the world for the benefit of mankind".

A century ago

CRRC boasts its RED DNA

On June 24, 2021, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, the theme activity of Centenary Great Cause and Red CRRC was hosted in Changxindian Memorial Hall for February 7th Strike in Beijing, where the new book RED CRRC was released and a plaque was awarded to the Red Education Base of CRRC. Li Yazhong, a descendant of Li Dazhao (one of the main founders of CPC), and Ge Handong, a descendant of Ge Shugui (a martyr of the February 7th Strike), also presented themselves on site.

"In March 1920, Li Dazhao and other comrades launched the Marxist Research Society and established a tutoring school for workers in Changxindian Factory, where they educated workers with the essence of Marxism." Li Yazhong said. Changxindian Factory (now known as CRRC Erqi Company) served as the cradle of the Chinese workers' movement, accommodating the revolutionary footprints of Mao Zedong, Li Dazhao, Deng Zhongxia and other pioneers of CPC. The first railway industrial union organization was established here under the leadership of the Party, and it was the starting point and role model of integrating Marxism with the Chinese workers' movement.

Over the past century, generations of CRRC employees have always been following the guidance of the Party and the country, taking the responsibility of "industrial and equipment contribution for a more powerful country". CRRC has been striving with its own efforts for the leap of rail transportation equipment from "borrowed from the world" to "China Rejuvenation", with traveling speed from 35 km/h to 350 km/h, from "Rocket of China" to high-speed Maglev at 600 km/h. The development of CRRC reflects the great achievements of China.

Just like the Changxindian Memorial Hall for February 7th Strike, the CRRC Changchun High Speed EMU Manufacturing Center also serves as a national patriotic education demonstration base.

On July 17, 2015, General Secretary Xi Jinping said during his visit to CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co., Ltd.: High-speed rail EMU is a signature work of China, demonstrating China's equipment manufacturing capacity, and is also the hot cake of the Going Overseas Project and the Belt and Road Initiative. And you are expected to lead the trend, and build a positive chain of competing, learning, catching up, helping, and surpassing in the whole equipment manufacturing industry.

Over the past seven years, a large number of innovative high-speed rails were born here, including "China Rejuvenation" Chinese standard rolling stock, variable gauge rolling stock at 400 km/h, and intelligent rolling stock at the Beijing Winter Olympics. Serve the country with industrial expertise, bold in innovation to accelerate the realization of the Chinese Dream. Highly skilled talents of CRRC, represented by Luo Zhaoqiang and Li Wanjun (outstanding members of CPC), carry forward the "spirit of Chinese high-speed railway workers" and contribute to the great project of China with craftsmanship.

Looking back at the century of great evolvement in China, CRRC has always been committed to the mission of revitalizing the industry of a large country, and undertaking the responsibilities of the national industry. CRRC adheres to its original intention and forges ahead with RED DNA deep down.

Travel with you

"Inheritance" has rooted deep in CRRC's gene

The great Chinese nation boasts a long civilized history of 5,000 years. The century past has witnessed generations of civilians striving for the cause of the national power.

Culture construction has always been a process of constant inheritance and innovation. CRRC boasts in-depth understanding of corporate culture based on shared history, shared responsibilities, and shared future.

On July 16, 2021, a series of activities to commemorate the 140th anniversary of the founding of CRRC was hosted in Tangshan, and Sun Yongcai, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of CRRC, started off at the starting point of the Year of 1881 with an upheld torch, running along the "trajectory" of the growth and development of CRRC toward the handover point of the Year of 2021.

"Standing again at the source of China's railroads, inheritance is the best way of memorial." Sun Yongcai said. Tangshan-Xugezhuang Railway built in 1881 was only 9.7 kilometers, while China's high-speed railway boasts a total of 40,000 kilometers in operation now. And CRRC has become the world's leading supplier of rail transportation equipment in terms of scale, variety and technology, with products and services for 112 countries and regions across the six continents.

"CRRC has attracted talents across the world. They are contributing to the building of vehicles for China just like the ancient craftsman Xi Zhong, displaying unprecedented skills of all times. A team of craftsmen of a great nation acts bold enough for all kinds of global leading innovations." "One CRRC" boasts 170,000 talents with representatives such as Liu Youmei and Ding Rongjun, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, Liang Jianying, heroine of high-speed rail, Li Wanjun, academician like worker, Guo Rui, craftsman of a great nation, and Yi Ran, welding Mulan.

140 years and beyond. Thanks to their adherence to the original intention of "mega power in China and engine of the industry", inheritance of the" Way of CRRC", promotion of the "Spirit of Chinese High-speed Railway Workers", and insistence on perfecting every process and every part, rapid development of rail transportation has been achieved in China, pushing us top the world in terms of speed level, number of trains on line, rate of train flow, operating capacity, smoothness and comfort, and safety and reliability.

"One CRRC, One Dream". CRRC Braking Systems Co., Ltd., a new tier-one subsidiary of CRRC, was inaugurated in Qingdao on June 14, and employees in Qingdao, Nanjing, Zhuzhou and Changzhou all recited this slogan.

Today, CRRC is inspiring more confidence and morale of its employees with the 6-in-1 integration of corporate festival, book, song, poem, history, and pavilion, accumulating more energy for a greater leap in the new era.

On August 31, the activation ceremony of CRRC BI Ascent Project was hosted in Datong, and the behavior identification system of CRRC, Good Integrity was officially launched, indicating the new starting point of cultural construction of the CRRC brand

Mega power in China

"Quality" is the most appealing keyword in CRRC on the journey of success

Quality is the life of a brand.

"The coin stands erect for 8 minutes without faltering", a video shot by a Swedish young man has become a household story and evidence of the quality of Chinese high-speed railway.

Today, shooting high-speed trains are the best mobile advertisements of the CRRC brand; and all passengers thereon are the brand ambassadors.

CRRC has been committed to the means of cutting-edge technology and the goal of high product quality, providing innovation-driven service effectively and efficiently along the way, to contribute to the process of building national power. CRRC brand is developing steadily with cutting-edge technology, high quality, high efficiency, and constant innovation today and beyond.

Everything boils down to cutting-edge technology. On December 30, 2019, Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed railway, the world's first automatic intelligent high-speed railway at 350 km/h, was put into operation. It went down 4 meters under the center of Qinglongqiao station, intersecting with the Y-shaped Beijing-Zhangjiakou Railway, which was opened 110 years ago, forming the Chinese character "big". It serves as the world's leading intelligent high-speed railway, becoming the pride of all Chinese people.

We deliver high quality. A "China Rejuvenation" high speed EMU is composed of nearly 20,000 wires and about 100,000 junction points, requiring 56,000 data confirmation points in total to be delivered to customers in a zero-defect state. The huge numbers and high quality products reflect the advanced and scientific management system of CRRC and the craftsmanship of CRRC employees striving for excellence. In recent years, "CRRC Q" quality management system has been applied to improve product quality from design, process, production and new technology and means, etc., focusing on product quality for safer and smoother traveling experience.

We are committed to efficient service. CRRC provides services in need along the line. A special light rail line was built in Saudi Arabia dedicated for Muslims to access the holy city of Mecca for the Hajj. It only runs during the annual Hajj event around the clock. M&R staffs of CRRC get on board the train with instant food and water every day and every night to ensure safe operation of the train despite physical and mental stress on themselves.

We are driven by innovation. A premium brand rests with powerful technological innovation. On July 20, 2021, the high-speed maglev transportation system at 600 km/h was successfully rolled out in Qingdao. 5 years of independent research, over 1,680 simulation calculations, over 4,250 ground bench tests and over 500 line tests contribute to this impressive innovative achievement.

Across the past ten years, CRRC has achieved first-class business quality, advanced product technology, solid and steady international operation, remarkable enhancement of corporate status and overall improvement of brand image by promoting innovation and reform, improving quality with innovation, and creating brand value with quality products.

Integration and unison for a shared success

CRRC commits to "responsibilities"

In 2022, Fortune's first list of China's ESG impact was released, whereby CRRC was the only company in the industrial machinery industry. Fortune commented: "The 40 Chinese companies on the list have contributed outstanding efforts to improve the environment, protect corporate employees and support local communities. Their pursuit of value beyond financial results is reshaping our definition of a good business."

CRRC employees contribute to high-quality development of real economy with industrial strength for a greater nation. High-speed rail rolling stock is an industry chain boasts wide range of influence. A "China Rejuvenation" rolling stock is composed of over 40,000 parts, covering over 20 provinces and cities, employing the efforts of over 600 primary supporting enterprises and over 1,500 secondary suppliers, with the industry pull effect of 1:5. With the industry chain, CRRC drives the development of new materials, new energy, cutting-edge electronic components and other upstream and downstream industries to create a "high-speed railway economic circle".

Practicing "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" strategy, CRRC further implemented the "6G" green development concept. We managed to achieve green low-carbon effect with independent innovation. The first hydrogen fuel cell hybrid locomotive independently developed by CRRC in China directly generates electricity to enable locomotive operation through hydrogen-oxygen chemical reaction of hydrogen fuel, with emission as water only, truly ensuring zero pollution and zero emission. We built up our wind power image with the quality for high-speed railway. As the earliest enterprise to enter the wind power market in China, six out of every ten wind turbines in China are equipped with CRRC's products on average.

CRRC assists to revitalize the countryside, undertaking the accountability of a state-owned company with practical actions. This year marks the 20th anniversary of paring support between CRRC and Tianshui City. On behalf of the company, Lou Qiliang, CRRC General Manager (President), donated RMB 500,000 to Maizhi District and Gangu County respectively for industrial support, and witnessed the signature of a procurement agreement for agricultural products. In 2021, CRRC directly invested RMB 15.25 million in poverty alleviation funding and spent RMB 35.21 million directly to procure agricultural products from corresponding counties. CRRC also developed the method of poverty alleviation by rolling out "order-based poverty alleviation", and established the first poverty alleviation workshop.

Commitment to the Belt and Road Initiative, CRRC contributed to the mission of "connecting the world for the benefit of mankind". China-Europe Shuttle Train, China-Laos Railway, Jakarta-Bandung High-Speed Railway, and China-Africa Railway have become important links for global communication, open cooperation, mutual benefit and cultural integration. In the process of serving global customers, CRRC has implemented the system of "five management", launched "product+" model, played "four roles", and completed the transformation from Going Overseas to Staying Overseas and then to The Honored One.

Never forget the original intention for a far-reaching future; together, we build a great business and a greater nation.

Over the past decade, all kinds of stories from CRRC have impressed the world with first-class brand image, boasting depth and warmth. In the future, CRRC will persist to work hard for in-depth cultural construction and better brand image, continue to represent China to external parties, and contribute to the grand cause of the rejuvenation of our nation. 

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