Congratulations! CRRC Times Electric awarded "China Top 100 New Automotive Supply Chain" in 2022 Gasgoo Awards


Awards  China Top 100 New Automotive Supply Chain

October 26

The 4th Gasgoo Awards Ceremony 2022, organized by Gasgoo, concluded successfully in Minhang, Shanghai

The Gasgoo Awards took nearly 200 days for approximately 450,000 people to vote and the final results were agreed upon by a jury of experts

At the awards ceremony, CRRC Times Electric was awarded the "Awards China Top 100 New Automotive Supply Chain" (in the field of powertrain electrification)

"With the theme of "Top 100 New Automotive Supply Chain", the "Gasgoo Awards", sponsored by Gasgoo, aims to showcase outstanding companies and advanced technology solutions to the industry and promote the development and progress of the industry together.

In the awards ceremony, as the core technology of CRRC Times Electric in the field of electric drive of new energy vehicles, the key technology of high-voltage electric drive system integration based on independent SiC was unanimously praised by the expert jury. The technology was also an instrumental reason for the expert jury to award CRRC Times Electric 2022 China Top 100 New Automotive Supply Chain.

Key technologies for the integration of autonomous SiC-based high-voltage electric drive systems

To address the challenges of EMC performance, motor insulation performance and NVH performance of electric drives, this technology can dramatically improve the forward design capability of SiC high-voltage electric drive products, reduce the number of product design-verification-optimization iteration rounds and time, shorten the product development cycle and effectively improve the performance index of the products. The technology consists of the following key points:

l Filter design techniques for SiC electric drive systems. A high-frequency interference simulation model including SiC devices, drive characteristics, main circuit and motor load was built to analyse the mechanism and transmission path of EMI interference caused by the high switching rate of SiC devices, extract the interference characteristics and carry out targeted high-voltage filter design to achieve better high-frequency noise suppression and achieve Class 5 level of EMC performance at the electric drive system level.

l Design and application techniques for motor insulation systems based on SiC high-voltage, oil-cooled application scenarios. The study of PD, breakdown voltage strength and material compatibility of insulating system electromagnetic wire and insulating paper, combined with the mechanism of polymer group-oil-water molecule reaction under high temperature and pressure, reveals the ageing mechanism of SiC high-voltage oil-cooled insulating system, and creates an insulation life model and life evaluation method as well as the compatibility evaluation criteria of insulating material and oil. The insulation system developed on the basis of this achievement not only breaks the IEC maximum voltage limit for Type I insulation winding structures, but also significantly improves the oil resistance and reliability of the insulation system.

l Vibration and noise control technology for integrated motor-electric control-reducer electric drive systems in complex environments. To accommodate the dynamics and uncertainty of the external environment, a noise analysis model incorporating motor current harmonics, torque fluctuations and motor vibration is established to build a vibration and noise analysis method for integrated electric drive systems. Improved NVH quality of the electric drive system under all operating conditions through improved pulse width modulation technology.

This technology is in line with the current trend of new energy resources passenger vehicle electrical architecture, and provides an effective solution to the practical engineering problems of EMC, insulation and NVH of SiC high-voltage electric drive system. It can be widely used in the SiC high-voltage electric drive products based on 800V voltage platform, especially in the application of "SiC controller + oil-cooled motor". At the same time, the methodologies studied in these technologies can also be applied to 400V electric drive systems, so they have good market application prospects

The award of "China Top 100 New Automotive Supply Chain" for CRRC Times Electric is a high recognition of our products and technology by the industry and customers

In the future, the Company will continue to invest deeply in research and development, improve manufacturing, service and other capabilities, continue to iterate products, and strengthen business level to achieve "performance", "cost", "quality", "delivery", "service" five first-class for global mobility, ecological China's high-quality development of new energy vehicle industry to contribute more CRRC wisdom!

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