[Industrial Transmission. Integrity Innovation] High Efficiency and Energy Saving! The world's first permanent magnet inverter system for electric shovels successfully passes factory tests


The world's first permanent magnet inverter system for electric shovels

Recently, the 55 cubic meters electric shovel frequency conversion system developed by the Company's CRRC National Transformer Center has successfully passed the factory test in Taiyuan Heavy Industry Co., Ltd.

The system is the world's first permanent magnet inverter system for electric shovels

The shovel inverter system is responsible for driving the four main system functions of the shovel: lifting, slewing, pushing and walking.


The system uses common DC bus multi-drive technology with a total power of 12 MW, including a lifting system with a maximum torque of 1,490,000 Nm, equivalent to the torque of 100 small cars;


The system uses a water cooling system, with a more compact structure and better cooling performance, reducing the length of the whole cabinet by 18% and increasing the power by 16%;


The system of innovative use of permanent magnet direct drive inverter control technology effectively reduces drive links, remarkably reduces maintenance workload and boosts energy savings of over 10% in the installation.

The project team carried out a systematic and comprehensive vibration damping design of the electric shovel converter through on-site testing, collecting vibration shock data under actual operating conditions and generalizing the vibration shock load spectrum based on the statistical tolerance method, and finally adopted spring vibration isolators and non-contact limit buffers to realize the practical engineering application of the vibration damping solution, which is conducive to ensuring the operational reliability of the product under severe vibration shock conditions.

The 55 cubic meters water-cooled permanent magnet inverter system successfully passed the factory test of the host plant, which marked another momentous ground-breaking in the field of diversified products of intelligent green mines by CRRC Times Electric. The Company will equip the mining industry with more "Chinese low-carbon hearts" and make a bigger and more valuable contribution to the development of the global mining industry.

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