Surprise! CRRC Times Electric presents its series products at Berlin Fair


September 20, 4 years later

The 2022 Berlin International Trade Fair for Transport Technology (Inno Trans 2022) is taking place again with a grand opening.With the theme of "Intelligent Travel to the Future"CRRC showcases a number of well-known products sharing the "Green and Intelligent" integrated solutions with the world  CRRC Times Electric also displays its technical intelligence at InnoTrans 2022.

Integrated whole life-cycle intelligent solutions for rail transit

With integration, synergy and digital empowerment, CRRC Times Electric creates integrated intelligent solutions for the whole life cycle of urban rail transit, promoting the safe, efficient, green and intelligent development of urban rail transit. In the construction stage, we develop intelligent products that are multi-disciplinary, integrated and synergistic to create a "Vehicle-ground Integration" electromechanical system; in the operation and maintenance stage, we utilize digital empowerment to operate and maintain business and build a multi-disciplinary intelligent operation and maintenance platform. The solution has been successfully applied to Wuxi S1 line, which is expected to improve the overall operations and maintenance efficiency by 20% and save energy by 20%. The company plans to apply for intelligent urban rail transit demonstration project, which will be subsequently applied in Qingdao, Changchun, Chongqing and other cities.

Key features of the product:

Open up the "data flow, control flow and energy flow" among multiple systems to achieve data integration and information sharing.

Provide multi-disciplinary intelligent products such as urban rail vehicles, signaling systems, power supply systems, shield doors, maintenance process equipment as well as the intelligent operations and maintenance services for the whole life cycle covering intelligent inspection, data management, data analysis, maintenance and repair, etc.

Main performance parameters: Train speed control accuracy <0.5km/h, minimum departure interval <120s, train punctuality >99.95, operation energy consumption reduced by >20%, operation safety accident rate reduced by >30%, vehicle failure rate reduced by >10%, power supply failure rate reduced by >10%, signal failure rate reduced by >15%, vehicle maintenance efficiency improved by >20%, power supply maintenance efficiency improved by >30%, signal inspection efficiency increased by >20%, the infrastructure inspection efficiency increased by >85%, the intelligent inspection coverage >80%, the whole life cycle cost reduced by >15%, and the passenger satisfaction >90%.

Intelligent driving system for heavy-duty trains .

The intelligent driving system for heavy-duty trains integrates advanced technologies including intelligent perception, intelligent dispatching and expert diagnosis, which realizes intelligent control of heavy-duty trains with 10,000 tons from automatic wake-up, automatic preparation, running between stations to automatic warehouse entering and dormancy. The world-leading technology provides an efficient and green intelligent system solution for heavy-duty freight. This system has been successfully applied to Baotou-Shenmu Railway of CHN ENERGY, China Railway Xi'an Group and China Railway Taiyuan Group, etc. Since it was put into service in 2019, it has covered 9 models and 7 railway companies, with a total safe running distance of over 1.3 million kilometers, which has improved operational efficiency and reduced energy consumption for customers.

Key features of the product:

Highly intelligent, the automation function covers locomotive depot operation, inter-section operation and station operation, with the automatic train control rate exceeding 98%, which greatly reduces the labor intensity of the crew.

Safe and reliable, core hardware platform security level reaches SIL4, with dual-system hot standby redundancy technology applicable.

Energy conservation and environment protection, energy saved by 3% -5%

Smooth operation, longitudinal impact force reduced by 5%-10%. 

Efficient Operation, speed increased by 3-5 km /h. 

Safe operation, foreign object intrusion recognition rate exceeds 95%, enabling online identification of faults as well as safe guidance.

High adaptability, applicable for multiple types of on-board equipment (traction, braking, signal, etc.) and locomotives, without changing the existing electrical interface and control logic of locomotives.

High performance traction system

High performance converter system

The traction and auxiliary converter system based on SiC devices have the advantages of high frequency, high efficiency, high power density and high reliability through the comprehensive optimization design of each component. Compared with traditional traction system, the energy consumption of SiC traction system is reduced by 20% and the weight and volume of converter device are reduced by 30%. The efficiency of SiC auxiliary converter is increased by 2%, the weight and volume are reduced by 30%, and the technical index reaches the international leading level.

Permanent Magnet Motor and Traction Transformer products

Permanent Magnet Motor: with the most comprehensive and widely applied series of high-speed permanent magnet motor systems in China, CRRC products are widely used in rail transit, wind power generation, new energy vehicles and other fields, featuring high efficiency, light weight, low noise and high power factor.

Traction Transformer: the structure meets various installation requirements, featuring light weight, flatness, low noise and low vibration.

High efficiency permanent magnet traction system products

The permanent magnet traction system features high efficiency and high power density.

The locomotive high-power direct-drive permanent magnet traction system adopts permanent magnet direct-drive mode, delivering higher transmission efficiency, lower noise and more environmental protection.

Permanent magnet traction system for high-speed EMU equips key technologies such as integrated high-efficiency cooling and light weight design to improve power density and achieve efficient operation as well as green emission reduction.

Intelligent Travel to the Future, Innovation Creates Excellence

CRRC Times Electric

will continue to provide customers

with greener, smarter, and safer products

contributing more CRRC wisdom to industry development

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