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InnoTrans 2022 was grandly opened in Berlin, Germany on September 20, 2022 after 4 years. With the theme of "Intelligent Travel to the Future", CRRC brought a number of knock-out products to the exhibition, sharing the "Green and Intelligent" integrated solutions with the world.

Many system platforms were presented in the exhibition area of more than 600 square meters,  attracting many visitors, including, among others, maglev transportation system with high speed at 600 km/h, high-speed intelligent multiple unit, urban rail transit passenger transportation system solution, multimodal transportation and intelligent heavy-duty freight solution, low-emission integrated solution for hydrogen energy fuel cell power platform, hybrid locomotive platform, and high-efficiency system for rail transit core components.

Intelligent integration to address the intelligent application concerns

By deeply exploring the intelligent technology of rail transportation, CRRC has been promoting its transformation from human-adapt-to-vehicle concept to vehicle-adapt-to-human concept, from production pattern to service pattern and from passive service to intelligent service. In this exhibition, the intelligent integrated system solution is represented by the maglev transportation system with high speed at 600 km/h and intelligent multiple units.

The maglev transportation system with high speed at 600 km/h is called a "land aircraft". It has functions of GoA3-level fully automatic operation, all-round warning, intelligent manipulation and scheduling. It is also equipped with a system-wide PHM (fault prediction and health management system) and disaster warning solution, which enables integrated and intelligent operation and maintenance for the whole life cycle with automatic driving, real-time monitoring, automatic warning and remote decision making.

The intelligent multiple unit began serving the Beijing-Zhangjiakou high-speed train in December 2019, automatically driving at 350 km/h for the first time in the world. Equipped with more than 1,200 sensors and covered with 2,718 monitoring points, the train builds an all-round integrated safety monitoring system that had functions including intelligent assessment of key component status, fault diagnosis and early warning, precise fault location, dynamic prediction of spare parts to guarantee the safe operation of the train in all aspects. In addition, assisted with the intelligent adjustment of lighting and temperature, intelligent information and entertainment interactive services, it is able to offer passengers with a full range of comfortable experience.

In terms of cargo transportation, CRRC showcases many kinds of intelligent products such as intelligent air rail system and vehicles for motor-rail multimodal transportation, which guarantee the realization of multimodal transportation and intelligent heavy-duty. In terms of urban rail transit, CRRC displays three-dimensional, multi-level intelligent rail transit passenger vehicle products, intelligent vehicles, signals, power supply and other products, its intelligent operation and maintenance services for overhaul and maintenance.

Green integration makes a zero-carbon within reach in the future

Green, environmental friendliness, energy-saving and efficiency have become important topics in the research and development of railway and mass transportation equipment. CRRC is committed to becoming a leader of green manufacturing, a creator of green life and a pioneer of green development. CRRC exhibits in this exhibition its green technologies in hydrogen energy utilization, low emission of locomotives and efficient utilization of core components.

Based on its existing platforms and technologies, CRRC is capable of free combination of low-emission diesel engine, hydrogen energy fuel cell, power battery, pantograph, natural-gas engine and other power packages to form locomotive products with different energy patterns and different power combinations. Especially in the utilization of hydrogen energy, CRRC has successfully developed a number of products such as hydrogen energy trams and hydrogen fuel cell hybrid locomotives. The power source combination of hydrogen fuel cells and power cells makes the zero carbon goal a reality.

The hydrogen energy tram can get refilled with hydrogen in only 5 minutes for a drive of about 100km, making it a green solution suitable for urban commuting and scenic tourism. The product has already been put in massive commercial operation in Foshan, China. The hybrid locomotive of hydrogen fuel cell can be used for cargo transfer, grouping and short-distance mainline traction for coal, ore, chemical, steel and port. Among them, the 1400kW-class locomotive is equipped with 400kW fuel cell system innovatively developed by CRRC, generating a maximum power output of 125kW for a single stack and on-boarding hydrogen storage capacity of 200kg. The 700kW-class locomotive has now run safely in China for more than 16,000 km and has withstood the low-temperature test of -30°C.

In addition, in high-efficiency utilization of the running part, traction and transmission, braking and other core components of the vehicle, CRRC strives to design it with reduced weight, on the base of modules, low carbon during manufacturing, low energy consumption and high efficiency during operation. It also releases the "Bow-series" bogie to the world at the exhibition for the first time, which is manufactured without welding and pollution, and is more efficient due to application of new materials such as carbon fiber and graphene.

Optimal solution with systematic customization of "house-keeper" service  

Relying on its core technology advantage in high-end equipment manufacturing, CRRC combines low-carbon technology and digital technology, integrates the resources from the whole industry chain, starts from top-level design, deeply optimizes and highly integrates all processes of traditional rail transit projects from vehicle manufacturing, project planning, engineering construction, operation and maintenance. It is capable to offer customers the rail transit system solution that is integrated with design, construction and operation, and with life cycle services for digital and intelligent rail transit.

CRRC presents to customers at the exhibition its customized services with advantages and characteristics of its own. It provides operation solutions such as scheme design, capital attraction, finance assistance, operation consultation and product customization based on the urban economic situation, continuously innovating its business models and creating value for users, with orientation to user needs.

With its active efforts to promote data sharing and intelligent integration, CRRC provides customers with system solutions mainly supported by "vehicle-ground integration" electromechanical system and series of standard urban rail trains. CRRC is also experienced in design, development, manufacture and maintenance of the whole spectrum of rail transportation products and capable to provide customers with "housekeeping" service for the whole life cycle.

CRRC has provided integrated system solutions and life cycle services for several cities in China and thus accumulated rich experience in projects. Internationally, CRRC independently formed a consortium in 2020 and was successfully accepted for the PPP project bid for the overall modernization of Mexico City Line 1. The project is included in the "Global Top 10 Classic Cases of PPP Projects " by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) for its high social and environmental values.

In the actual vehicle exhibition area, the multi-stream electric locomotive is attracting much attention. The locomotive is compatible with both AC25kV and AC15kV power supply systems, and the on-board energy storage module enables the locomotive to transport in the short-distance wireless zone, which can meet the interconnection and operation needs of many European countries and provide customers with efficient, economical and environmentally friendly one-stop freight traction solutions, and the locomotive has been applied in Hungary. 

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