Inverter and Converter Systems

Generate and use energy efficiently
TEC offers a comprehensive range of power converters and inverters for use in a wide range of applications across all industries. TEC power converters and inverters help customers to generate and use energy efficiently. They are designed for reliable operation even under the most demanding conditions, and for low life cycle costs.


With our high voltage start series products-we offer an answer to the starting problems of high power motors. Our products have different voltage classes ranging from 3.3 to 12RV with a maximum power capacity up to 50 megawatts. Those can be found usable in industries such as paper making, petroleum, steel and more.


Throughout our platform design products, we offer 8 series of power quality products: FC, TSC, TCR, SVG, APF, DVR, RPC and hybrid control devices. There are (1) three-phase SVC designed valve sets with a maximum voltage ranging from 60 to 35RV and (2) single-phase SVCdesigned valve sets with a maximum voltage of 27.5kV. The maximunn designed capacity ranges from 300 kVAto 100 MVA. The control system already establishes a standard, while it also offers direct-66kv-light-triggered valve technology. Our SVC technology offers solutions matching those at an international advanced level.

Our SVG Dynamic Reactive Power Compensation Device series covers a maximum designed voltage range from 3kV to 10kV and a maximum designed power capacity from 200RVA to 1 5MVA. Our portfolio also includes a 35kV SVG that supports water and wind cooling, an energy fusion based power quality device and an APF + HPF vehicle net resonance suppression device.


TEC is committed to provide high quality, high cost performance assembled electrical equipments of PV power generation system, and to provide system integration solutions based on reliable, economical, safe and high efficiency optimum balance system. We are an integrated solution supplier from core components, core electrical equipments to power plant systems.


Our"high-powerAC drive electric wheel traction system"is composed ofACUs, ECUs and traction converters. We offer traction systems for platforms of 60 to 240 tonnes and platforms of 60 to 400 tonnes. Our products are highly adaptable to the environment and withstand intense vibrations, high altitudes, extreme temperatures and harsh conditions such as dust, rain and snow.


We have inverters for conventional and photovoltaic air conditioners. There are 2 product platforms with 16 series products and a power range from 180kW to 1300kW; a power supply of 380/690V. Moreover, our productions also can match 300RT-2000RT centrifugal chillers.

Our production has adopted an advanced control technique for electrical machinery. Compared to a traditional air conditioning unit, we offer a product with an accurate temperature control, effective anti-surge and 40% less energy consumption. 

Our smart construction design allows the product to be directly mounted onto a water chilling unit, allowing the user to save on valuable space and cost. With its small body, but high power density, our product is highly energy efficient in its cooling technology. At the same time, it is highly reliable with an operation time of more than 21000 hours. Due to its features, our products find wide application in nuclear power, ships, factories, hospitals, airports and more.

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