[Industrial Transmission Integrity and Innovation] Smart Low Carbon: Central air conditioning permanent magnet inverter drive system solution for data centers

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Driven by the new national infrastructure policy, 5G network, data centers and other new infrastructure construction are growing rapidly, and data centers are regarded as the "infrastructure of new infrastructure" and the "digital base" for high-quality economic development, serving as an important carrier of digital infrastructure.

Data centers run for a long time, with huge power consumption and concentrated heat generation, which will lead to equipment failure due to local overheating in the server room, and the consequences will be very serious.

To actively implement the "carbon peaking and carbon neutrality" strategic deployment, data centers should be green low-carbon. With the layout of the national integrated big data centers, roll-out of the "West Computing for East Data" project, and the demand of building new green data centers, the energy conservation industry for data center cooling is facing new opportunities and challenges. Large data centers are equipped with a large amount of central air conditioning equipment, requiring higher reliability and energy efficiency.  According to relevant statistics, the annual power consumption of the global data centers are equivalent to 4 times of the power generation of the Three Gorges dams. And the electricity cost accounts for 1/3 of the operating cost, of which the power consumption of air conditioners accounts for 30% - 40% of the total power consumption. Therefore, it is urgent to reduce the energy consumption of the central air-conditioning units of the data centers.  

In response to the application characteristics of high energy consumption, high sensible heat load, year-round operation and high safety and reliability of data center central air-conditioning operation, CRRC National Engineering Research Center of Converters under CRRC TEC extends the high speed rail variable current control technology and figures out an industry solution of central air conditioning permanent magnet inverter drive system for data center to ensure green and low-carbon server rooms of data centers.  The solution boasts below features:

High and low voltage grid adaptation, 10kV/380V high and low voltage permanent magnet variable frequency direct drive portfolio;

Green access to the grid, without additional filtering and compensation devices, meeting grid-side harmonics THDi<5% and power factor >0.99;

Transmission-free gearbox directly drives the compressor to improve the transmission efficiency

Customized high-efficiency permanent magnet motors, significantly improving part-load energy efficiency;

One-button intelligent quick start to meet the rapid change of heat generation in the server room;

Automatic power-on, memory of the operating state before power-down, can be unattended;  

Self-resetting and re-start upon faults to ensure highly reliable operation of the server room.

The products developed by the company are tailored for the central air-conditioning industry and can drive centrifugal and screw compressors with high efficiency, with voltage level at 0.4-10kV and power range of 75-2500kW.

So far, the portfolio has been successfully applied in many data centers of China Mobile, China Telecom, China Unicom, Alibaba, etc., with over 300 sets in operation, and the green energy conservation, high efficiency and stability as well as friendly adaptability have been highly recognized by the users.  The permanent magnet inverter drive system for data centers significantly improves energy efficiency, stability and reliability of central air conditioning permanent magnet inverter drive system, as well as their precise temperature and humidity control capabilities, helping data centers achieve a full range of advantages such as optimal cooling of data rooms, extensive service life of IT hardware, improved power usage efficiency (PUE), reduced risk of server failure, and lowered data center operating costs.  

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