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National Low-Carbon Day Green low-carbon orientation for energy conservation

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June 15 is National Low-Carbon Day.The theme of this year's National Low-Carbon Day campaign is"Implement 'double carbon' actions and build a beautiful home in joint efforts".This week is also National Energy Conservation Awareness Week.The theme is "Green low-carbon orientation for energy conservation".CRRC Times ElectricCommitted to the development of low-carbon intelligent products as always Continuously contribute to energy saving and emission reduction



CRRC CIMRES consists of Smart Center, Smart Train, Smart Signal, Smart Power Supply, Smart Works and Smart Stations and Sections. With the overall objectives of reducing safety-related accident rate, improving comprehensive operation efficiency, reducing total energy consumption and full lifecycle cost, this system is applicable to the construction, operation, maintenance management and passenger service of urban rail transit lines alike.

With the application of CIMRES, the targets of 30% reduction in safety-related failure rate, 10% increase in overall operation efficiency, 20% reduction in total energy consumption, and 10% reduction in investment and maintenance cost of urban rail lines will be attainable. Meanwhile, CIMRES can reduce labor involvement, whereby the operation personnel required will be reduced from 55~60 people/km for manual-driving lines to 38 people/km for fully automated lines, and it can even be configured and further tailored according to the project and customer demands. Currently, the company is rolling out the application of CIMRES in Wuxi.


IGBT Element

IGBT, known as insulated gate bipolar transistor, is a composite fully controlled voltage driven power semiconductor device, composed of BJT (Bipolar Junction Transistor) and MOSFET (Metal-Oxide -Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor), boasting the strengths of high input impedance and low on-state voltage drop. IGBT is the core part of energy conversion and transmission, the "CPU" of power electronics devices, and one of the critical tools to realize carbon neutrality in China.

The application of IGBT in energy conservation and emission reduction is mainly in two respects: 1) in the field of clean energy power generation and transmission as well as utilization, IGBT is the core part of photovoltaic inverter and wind power inverter, and is the key component of flexible DC power transmission. It is widely used in the electric drive system of new energy vehicle and charging pile, etc.; 2) in terms of traditional energy consumption, the application of IGBT in industrial field can effectively improve the utilization rate of electric energy, reduce power consumption, thus achieving energy conservation and emission reduction.

In 2020, the company partnered with a number of domestic power equipment enterprises for deeper engagement in various green construction and electricity supply initiatives. The green electricity produced by Wudongde Hydropower Station, a major project of the West-East Electricity Transmission in China, will replace a large amount of fossil fuels, save 12.2 million tons of standard coal, and reduce greenhouse gas emissions of carbon dioxide and sulfur dioxide by 30.5 million tons and 104,000 tons respectively.


Photovoltaic Industry

In 2009, the company entered the PV market and has independently developed a full range of products such as centralized 3.125MW and 500KW, distributed and string type 225kW over the past ten years. As one of a few state-owned enterprises in the Photovoltaic inverter industry, the company was ranked top ten of the industry many times, and won multiple best after-sales service awards and technology innovation awards.

Over the past decade, the company has gradually expanded its business from Photovoltaic inverter further to PV EPC and delivered nearly 300MW for EPC of PV power plant, which can generate 7.712 billion kWh of green and clean electricity for the next 25 years, equivalent to conservation of 2.53 million tons of standard coal, reduction of 7.69 million tons of carbon dioxide and 230,000 tons of sulfur dioxide and 120,000 tons of nitrogen oxides, thus contributing significantly to the strategy of "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" in China.


Electric drive system for new energy passenger vehicles

The electric drive system is acknowledged as the "heart" of the new energy passenger vehicle, with 50% higher energy conversion efficiency as compared with the engine of traditional fuel-powered vehicles. Statistics show that a class A fuel vehicle would emit 1.5 tons of CO2 per 10,000 kilometers, while the same class of pure electric vehicle would emit 952kg / 10,000 kilometers, with a reduction of 548kg per 10,000 kilometers per pure electric vehicle, considering the proportion of thermal power generation in China. Today, over 100,000 passenger vehicles are equipped with CRRC electric drive products in China. Assume that a vehicle would go for 10,000 kilometers per year on average, then over 15,000 tons of carbon emissions can be reduced on annual basis.


Air-Conditioning Inverter

The tPower air-conditioning inverter is derived from high speed rail technology and tailored for central air-conditioning industry. It can drive centrifugal, screw and other compressors with high efficiency, with voltage in the range of 0.4~10kV and power range of 75~2500kW. The industry is the first to adopt the on-board structure, without occupying any floor space; directly introduced to the unit refrigerant for cooling, reduced by 50% for the same volume; through green grid connection with harmonics of the network <5%, meeting the power distribution requirements of data centers, banks and other precision machine rooms. The products have been used in major national projects such as the Great Hall of the People and the Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, with a cumulative installation of more than 1GW, saving over 30% energy in central air-conditioning and reducing CO2 emissions by over 2 million tons per year.


Intelligent Power Supply System

The intelligent power supply system based on bi-directional current conversion + energy operation and control technology can adjust and dispatch the current distribution of DC overhead contact network across the whole line, stabilizing DC network voltage and improving comprehensive energy conservation rate of the system. The line equipped with intelligent power supply system can save an average of 1,200 kwh per station per day, significantly reducing CO2 emission by 436,686 kg and sulfur dioxide by 13,140 kg on annual basis.


Electric Drive System for Mining Vehicles

With the strong technical background in rail transportation, the company has transferred and extended its technology to the field of mining trucks to develop green and energy-saving mining equipment, thus successfully achieving a technological breakthrough to replace imported equipment. The company has managed to batch produce electric drive system products for mining trucks from 60 tons to 400 tons, with over 300 sets of systems successfully applied at the moment.

At the same time, the author also wants to share some tips in daily life

Low-Carbon Living Guideline

Save utilities

Water flowers after washing the rice

Clean the toilet with wastewater gathered from vegetable washing

Collect preheated water to wash clothes before taking a shower

Set the air conditioner at reasonable temperature

Turn the lights and electronic devices off before leaving the room

Reduced waste

Donate excessive clothes in the wardrobe

Eat whatever you have ordered, and take away the residue

Green consumption

Prepare your own shopping bag and reuse plastic bags in shopping

Use less disposable products

Low-Carbon transportation

Purchase small-displacement and new energy vehicles

Use public transport more for less burden to the earth

Ride a bicycle for exercise and environmental protection

Separate waste disposal

Ensure moderate amount of domestic garbage

Learn more about garbage sorting

Protect animals

Do not take wild animals as your meal

Do not raise exotic species at will

Protect animals consciously  

Build a common home

Volunteer in tree planting

Do not enter the nature reserve at will

National Low-Carbon Day

Embrace high-quality green life of mankind


let's act as an advocate for green low-carbon life, reduce emission by all means

Build a beautiful home for all, enjoy happy lives together

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